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Jamjou applies the use of gamification and real life work scenarios to training, driving immediate sales productivity through employee engagement.

Drive Customer Experience


Drive Sales Performance


Drive Engagement

A Productivity Solution that drives immediate improvement in the customer service. Making the link to an increased customer engagement.   A Productivity Solution that drives immediate and sustained sales improvement. Measure & monitor how employees are doing with real time analytics.   A Productivity Solution that is fun, engaging easy to use. Small amounts of content often, a powerful reinforcement tool for employees.

How it Works

Fun Relevant Learning

Ability to see how colleagues are doing. Competitive element of scoring & leaderboards motivates users. Easy to access across all mobile devices. It’s addictive, they do it over and over again. It’s practical and relevant as it reflects the daily job of users.

Seamless set up and integration

Branded with your logo and colours to make it look like one of your own applications. As it is a cloud base product there is no IT involvement to set up. Integration with single sign on, existing LMS, APIs.

Reports & Analytics

Data collection enables comparison of how users are performing across one site, multiple sites or multiple teams. Real time dashboards on your employees engagement and performance. Relevant management reports that act as a tool for pin pointing exact areas where users need support.


Immediate behaviour change due to access to real work life scenarios that are relevant to the job at hand. Releasing levels over a period of time gives constant reminders of what and how an employee should behave towards your customers.




Our customers are using our solution for delivery of training in soft skills such as selling, customer service, product & services knowledge, competitor information, how to ask difficult questions, how to resolve difficult situations.



Getting Started

Project Management

An experienced account manager works with you to implement your own customised solution. We will support you from initial planning to successful rollout. Your success is our success.


Speedy Implementation

Our experienced account managers will advise you on all aspects of content design, content loading, leaderboard set up, scoring, reporting, email reminder setups. 


Successful Launch

Making your employees aware of this fun learning experience is key to a successful launch. Our staff will assist with advise on a communication package to get users engaged in the tool.



Available with setup & launch until you feel comfortable. Ongoing support is also available.


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Jamjou, is quick and easy to setup, offering learning solutions that are fun and engaging at an affordable price.
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